Paleo Tigernut Chocolate Mini Cake

Paleo Tigernut Chocolate Mini Cake

Have you ever made anything with the “Easy Bake Oven”? I loved making their chocolate cake. The reason I think I liked it so much was because it was mini sized; which meant I didn’t have to share. FYI… My problem isn’t with sharing. It’s with other people putting their forks in my food.

(Yes, I have food issues… I can see my mom, my daughter and my boyfriend all rolling their eyes in unison.)

These days, I still adore chocolate cake but I’ve transitioned from baking with a light bulb to using a real oven. And, obviously, I’ve upgraded my ingredients. Continue reading “Paleo Tigernut Chocolate Mini Cake”

Paleo Tigernut Brownies

Paleo Tigernut Brownies: So good, it’s ridiculous!

Making a soft, moist and not too sweet brownie is my holy grail in Paleo cooking.

Tigernut flour and dates and date syrup are the secret to accomplishing this feat. If you’ve used almond or coconut flour, your brownies have likely fallen apart and have been remarked upon as “dry”. Fear not. I’ve got your back. Continue reading “Paleo Tigernut Brownies: So good, it’s ridiculous!”