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Big Boobs and Feminism: What Does a Feminist Look like?

I was talking with my daughter the other day about boobs.

If you’ve ever met or seen either one of us it wouldn’t take you long to figure out the “why” of that riddle.

We had just come from a very successful bra shopping sidewalk sale experience at SOL in Denver. Which on the surface wouldn’t seem that strange. But if you have large breasts or know someone that has large breasts (bigger than a DD) then you know how hard it is to find a bra that fits, feels comfortable, looks good and offers more than one option in your size. Continue reading “Big Boobs and Feminism: What Does a Feminist Look like?”

Shave Your Face

Shave Your Face

Women are used to talking about and dealing with body hair because we’ve been removing it since time immemorial.

What we’ve been ignoring is the need to talk about how to deal with our facial hair. Girls don’t get childhood lessons on how to shave their faces when in fact: females have hair on their faces! Some of us more than others. And having facial hair is nothing like having body hair. Continue reading “Shave Your Face”