Shimer Chiropractic Make me laugh I dare you

Shimer Chiropractic: Make Me Laugh, I Dare You.

I love having my body worked on.

I don’t have a problem meeting a total stranger, taking off my clothes and jumping onto a table for a session. As I write this I realize it sounds like I’m describing a Tinder date (my boyfriend had better keep his mouth shut on this one.)

What I’m trying to say is that I really should be a professional body for therapists. Is that a job? If it is, please let me know so I can apply.

I’ve had a lifetime of experience getting all types of bodywork done and I can instantly tell if a therapist is worth their weight in gold. I’ve had substantial, multiple injuries to rehab so I know when a modality works and when it’s just a topical rub down.

Dia Kline 2010 Accident Photo
The aftermath of my 2007 wrestling match with a wall of glass… *SPOILER ALERT* The wall won.

I wish I had the money to get regular tune-ups but as it stands I can only afford to get work done when my body breaks down and I’m in major pain and dysfunction. Totally bad pattern, I know. It’s a financial conundrum.

I don’t have much money to throw at the problem so when I need to be fixed, I need to be fixed the first time. 

This is the story of how I found my second favorite chiropractor, ever.

(Now I’ve got you wondering who my favorite is, right?) 

Unlike Boulder, Longmont isn’t known as a health mecca. One wouldn’t first think to head into Longmont to find top alternative medical professional. I only did because I was headed north, out of town, and was in too much pain to drive back into Boulder.

And that’s when I found Dr. Wendy Shimer. Holy hell. I’m so glad I was headed north.

Dr. Shimer doesn’t look like a typical chiropractor. And what does a typical chiropractor look like? That’s a great question to hold in your mind while you remember to check your preconceived notions at the door.

Dr. Shimer is very much the spirit of a Peter Paul Rubens woman. How cool is it for me, as an Art History major, to be able to say my chiropractor is Rubenesque! 

Once she gets you on her table, you realize how talented and intuitive her diagnostic skills are and how accomplished she is as a chiropractor. And she can crack the shit out of you.

Yes, thank you please. May I have another?

Some chiropractors are afraid and they don’t fully adjust your body. You don’t ever want a fearful chiropractor. They can under adjust or misalign leaving you worse for the wear. I know. I’ve had them before.

Dr. Shimer isn’t afraid. And she knows how to read your body. And her adjustments work.

After my first visit, I was stunned into silence. I couldn’t believe how good she was. I called my mom and told her I found the golden ticket and that she just so happened to be in Longmont. Crazy. 

And then something even crazier happened.

Dr. Shimer was let go because, as she puts it,

The new owners came in, took one look at me and terminated me without cause.

It didn’t matter that she was the reason the business was successful. They were simply uncomfortable with her appearance. 

She did what any strong minded and skilled professional would do when faced with a bump in the road. She took stock, moved forward and opened her own practice. Although she couldn’t tell her clients she had a new practice, her people found her. Dr. Shimer has a very loyal following. 

I recently went to her new practice because, you guessed it, I was in major pain. My neck, shoulder and back were giving me major pain and I couldn’t keep ignoring it anymore.

I didn’t think an appointment with Dr. Shimer could get any better but let me tell you, it got better! She has cool tables and gadgets (she didn’t have them at the old place) and she knows how to use them!

Shimer Chiropractic: Make Me Laugh, I Dare You.
Dr. Wendy Shimer and her power tools… I mean gadgets… I mean important chiropractic equipment.

If you happen to be in the waiting room while I’m getting adjusted; be warned. I’m not quiet. When Dr. Shimer releases my pain, I laugh. And I snort, which then makes Dr. Shimer laugh and the next thing you know I’m snorting, laughing and exclaiming my undying love for her. I put on quite the show.

Shimer Chiropractic Make me laugh I dare you
The snorting has officially started!
Shimer Chiropractic Make me laugh I dare you 2
The sweet end to the “Mama Bear Hug” move that cracks absolutely everything. Heaven!

My visit fixed me right up. I needed one follow up visit to make sure everything went back into place and stayed there!

Here’s the down and dirty info on cost:

  • As a “new patient” (none of my records transferred over from the old office) appointments are $99 but because I was a previous client, I got a $40 discount. YES! And it gets better…
  • Dr. Shimer is letting me offer the $59 New Patient Appointment to everyone on my blog. Just use the code: DIA and she’ll know I sent you. She has lots of affordable price points for additional visits. I paid $55 for a single visit and package deals can even get the cost down to $35 a visit.

My advice to you is to take care of your body with any and all modalities you have at your disposal. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, I’ve found her for you.

P.S. Here’s hoping you don’t have gas when you have your appointment because there’s no holding that in when Dr. Shimer adjusts you.

P.S.S Dr. Shimer has lost over 90 lbs. She’s amazing and unstoppable.

I’d love to hear what you think!


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  1. Dia this Blog is Absolutely Amazing… It’s great to see someone’s perspective on being adjusted. Dr. Shimer is a Priceless Diamond!!!

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