Herbed Ghee Turkey Rub

I have tried at least 20 different brining and seasoning techniques for turkeys and NOTHING has come close to the ease and taste of a dry brined turkey rubbed with herbed ghee. Not only is it delicious and moist, the whole process is easy and fast.

After my turkey spends its 3 days UNCOVERED in the fridge, I dress it with my Herbed Ghee Turkey Rub and send it into the oven.

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Incase you need a quick lesson on how to make ghee because buying ghee is ridiculously expensive and making your own is super easy, here you go!


I had to bully my mom into using the dry brine method for the first time because she was very skeptical about leaving a turkey in the fridge, UNCOVERED, for 3 days and then not rinsing the salt off before putting on the Herbed Ghee Turkey Rub. In the end, all 12 people at Thanksgiving asked for the recipes and said it was the best turkey they ever had. And now the student has become the master…

Show that turkey who’s boss! I’m talking to you MOM!
Herbed Ghee Turkey Rub
Rubbed with Herbed Ghee and stuffed with wild rice and spicy sausage. Delicious!

Read my post How to Dry Brine A Turkey and you’ll be dry brining your way into becoming the next Thanksgiving Turkey Champion! (Is that even a thing?)

You might be wondering, “Who tries 20 different seasoning techniques?” or “That kind of cooking can get pretty expensive!”

I have a secret. I have great turkey karma.

I’ve had to buy a chest freezer to accommodate this gift and I’m not complaining. I live near several Natural Grocers (aka Vitamin Cottage) and they are simply the best. Whole Foods, Sprouts and Alfalfa’s can’t touch them.

One of the many reasons why they are so great is that they like to discount food they want to get rid of, specifically turkeys.

Each store is different since some are independently owned but they all follow the same basic rules of selling off overstock turkeys. At some point in the spring to early summer, the stores will clean out their back freezers to get rid of their overstock turkeys from Thanksgiving. What this means to you is HUGE SAVINGS.

Last spring, my boyfriend and I bought 9 Mary’s Organic 20+lb frozen turkeys for, not kidding, $10 a turkey.

Nothing was wrong with these babies, they were simply overstock.

In case you’re wondering what one would normally cost, Mary’s Organic Turkeys are around $4 lb, typically costing $80 for a 20lb bird. So for about the cost of one turkey, I bought 9. How’s that a bad thing?!

Check your local stores and see if they’ll tell you when they plan on dumping their birds. Most won’t give a time frame but will at least let you know if they will have any to sell. I’ve been doing this for 3 years. I cook a turkey about once a month and then make the best bone broth EVER from it. Win-win!

Herbed Ghee Turkey Rub
Browned to delicious perfection.

Make sure you read my post on how to make Affordable Homemade Chicken Bone Broth for .64 Cents Per Cup

The recipe works perfectly with turkey and, just between us, I think is far superior to chicken broth. Don’t forget to read my post Bone Broth: Top 5 Hacks to Affordable Homemade Bone Broth so you can learn how to make delicious and nutritious bone broth any time of the year.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your turkey success!

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Herbed Ghee Turkey Rub

This recipe works perfectly for a 20 lb turkey. If your turkey is smaller, feel free to lather it up in the extra!

Author Dia Kline for ezjoLife.com


  • ½ lb Ghee or butter
  • 1 Tablespoon Dried Sage
  • 1 Tablespoon Dried Thyme
  • 1 Tablespoon Dried Parsley
  • ½ teaspoon Paprika


  1. Dry Brine your turkey for 1-3 days. Don't wash off the salt and herbs.

  2. Mix all ingredients together. Rub on top and under the skin of the breasts and legs. 

  3. Cook per instructions for your turkey.

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