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Contact Mapping
I am Memorable
Networking… can be difficult. Even when you think you’re memorable.
I wrote a guest blog post for CONTACT MAPPING about my networking experience at Longmont Start Up Week and the identity crisis I had during one of their talks.

Dia Kline I am Memorable

While competing at the District 26 2018 Spring Conference, I spoke about what I’ve learned from Toastmasters.
I took that opportunity to speak about the gender bias I’d seen within the International Speech Competition. 

When Women Win

5 Hacks to free College Tuition
As a former client of Sara Zessar and Discovery College Consulting and as a parent who secured 4 years of free tuition, I am able to speak directly to parents looking for actionable advice in helping fight against paying absurd tuition costs. 
These hacks can help any student and their family prepare for


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