Anosmic Chef

*DISCLAIMER* …I am an anosmic Chef

What does “anosmic chef” mean?

  • I cook food that I can’t smell

Anosmic Chef smelling Limburger cheese
I can’t smell shit. Or this cheese. But it tastes good!

I have isolated CONGENITAL anosmia. 

  • I was born without the ability to smell. You can read all about congenital anosmia here.

And yes, I can taste

  • Very well thank you very much! And no, I still can’t smell anything.

Answers to FAQs… 

  • Taste and smell are in fact, separate. I can’t smell and I can taste. That kinda makes me an expert on the topic.
  • I know my food is delicious because people feel obligated to tell me they like it after I’ve spent all day in the hot kitchen.
  • It is safe to eat my food. I haven’t poisoned or killed anyone, on purpose. I have, however, given myself food poisoning after eating a piece of pumpkin pie I left out on the counter for three days. (That’s a mistake you only make once.)anosmic chef saying

Here’s the real question

Why take cooking advice from an anosmic chef?

That’s kinda like letting a blind person drive your car. Sounds kinda sketchy, right?

Death by anosmia
Death by anosmia…
  • The food is delicious, healthy and very easy to make.
  • You’ll have a funny topic of conversation for your next dinner.
  • My Paleo recipes have lots of garlic because, let’s be honest. Garlic is awesome.


Think of the reactions from your family and friends when you tell them that the yummy food they just ate was from a recipe by someone that can’t smell!

You’ll sound super adventurous and cool. Everyone will want to talk about it and ask “So how can she taste if she can’t smell?” But don’t worry, this won’t last long.

In the end, you can only say so much about not being able to smell. Good food is simply good food.

you good? black