About ez jó?

ez jó? is pronounced | “es yo?” | Hungarian for “you good?”

My daughter and I have a shorthand. I check in with her by asking “ez jó?” It’s a phrase passed down from my great-great grandmother, a Romanian-Hungarian Gypsy.

“ez jó?” simply asks, “you good?”

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You can answer “jó” if things are good
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or “nem jó” if things are not

ezjoLife is a humorous personal digest of my adventures in system hacking my life.

My unique take on eating, making money and a life lived.

Paleo Diet
Dia Kline PIE Program

The quest for health, wealth and happiness isn’t a perfect road. Missteps and mistakes happen all the time but the fun is in the trying. 

ezjoLife lets you in on my journey because the truth is way more fun than pretending I’ve got this all figured out.

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